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Promotion gratitude to customers in the Lunar New Year 2010, down 20% for the technical terms in the 1.000.000  VND. In the plastic cup for free to customers. Consulting directly to customers to buy at the store - Hotline 0903.635.099

For those enterprises producing products, the problem packaging, labels are an integral part of a finished product. One of the determinants of consumer behavior to customers is not only a brand name and quality of the product but also the aesthetic is reflected in the packaging and labels create a visual attraction of the Customer found among numerous other product on the market.
Low cost and strict commitment to the progress of delivery is the deciding factor when customers choose our company as partner


Home Print Technology

Experience Printing Overrides Colour

If the comparison in the printing industry of Vietnam now with a few dozen years ago, then there are the clear step forward. The modernization of industries including printing made for engineering managers and workers in our industry to keep up with the level in the world.

Method For Screen Printing In Color Separation

This is a technique for workers to pull the silk screen printing photos without using a printing technique that uses sharp as techniques for the tram (so will make the image come alive over) because when used carefully This art form is even 50 or 100 colors, then we only have only four of silk (the offset is a technical difficulty )..... If we use technology in the array of colors, each color a silk version (this technique easier)


Solution To Moisture And Additives In The Offset

Offset refers to in (wet) is said to be the solution to moisture, an important factor in the 3rd in Offset. The balance of water would result in both good and regular Palet paper. To ensure the problem, ask the first solution to moisture (DDLA) to optimize both the composition and physical properties, its chemical. This article would discuss about double what DDLA.



Hotline : 0903.635.099
Hotline : 0903.635.099
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