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Design & Printing is a combination of harmony between the materials, structure, layout, images, colors and ideas to create a visual attraction for the purpose of media advertising and marketing strategy of a brand, product or service.

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Print Company Profile

Company profile is a document about the company for customers. A company can have many brochures introducing products but only one profile to talk about themselves. Through the profile of the company, customers can know the level of professionalism and class size business of the company a quat.

Profile also introduced the concept of the work did business as the projects, projects, and introduce these customers have the company.

Why introduce a company profile?

Not always customers wishing to receive information of your company, profile book is a valuable document storage, flow, customers can find your company wherever you when necessary demand.

A profile is considered to be successful include the following:
- Profile shows the characteristics of the company through a story throughout.
- Also, beautiful images will increase sympathy with viewers.
- Letter written (copy) concise, complete information.
- Layout presentation reasonable.
- Printing a nice product.
Design profile like?
Often a short concise book should usually designed around 16-20 pages full enough to convey a general content company but not sketchy. We will advise and help you select photos, write text and display an impressive profile, professional.
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