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Experience Printing Overrides Colour

If the comparison in the printing industry of Vietnam now with a few dozen years ago, then there are the clear step forward. The modernization of industries including printing made for engineering managers and workers in our industry to keep up with the level in the world. Recall the 80, claimed China flooded the northern provinces, Thailand messy war in the southern provinces, especially coffee shops, eating outlets, which the chip is suspended three panels, which circumstances and even in the first technique is beautiful. Many of the province is worse at this time in the period of resistance against the French anti-Americanism in the forest. Islamic lunar calendar New Year is just near the manufacturers, the company's new multi-color beams roin pictures. Also on the cover often complex chineu books in many colors as the "to spend"

We work, in many color pictures in the house that is in it. Enterprises in the Ministry, City, County, district and province in many, some 2hoac 4 color printer and enterprises in only one color printers are also in the types of publications are very nice.  There are worse to each other in productivity but also product quality is not lost kemnhau How far, for publishing and materials are the same in both

However, the theoretical ink, color and ink color order husband, as in many color photos of workers in many parts limited, lacking basic reasoning to solve when in pretty bad for a remarkably convincing.
Enterprises in a four color printer (in wet wet husband), full engine test measurements, workers working in the cold chamber comfortable, pleasant can instantly adjust the color of each color in that is not the same model.
But in these enterprises do not have a color printer that prints multiple colors (Wet and dry her husband), not through trial and climate in paper goods, is not easy in the same form. If workers in enterprises saw the very young skilled low pant entirely, do not know the calendar hanging in the same form to where, as in done to know accurately.
Viev in colorful pictures husband tram, color the first color, where every worker in every way. Rolled in an offset printing enterprises in that report also unstable. Have today on the newspaper view, we see beautiful color photos, suitable for natural eye look very familiar. But also the day that we read in the newspaper photo in the gold surface as technology, such as tomatoes or red, real news came in that eye discomfort. But viewers do not notice much attention because of picture quality in most career and time too short notice, cost less, and, again in the notice in a mat, not to look white copy.

Also offset cut sheets, order color ink husband who does not like someone, and new economic arguments that have nhgiem personal use and does not dare themselves to approach his best, I know who like to sample more is better then. (to determine exactly clear to open a new competition).
However these workers in a color to use in multi-color image has its own way not to mention that in the book.

Story as follows:
1955 my husband in order to track the color of a worker in the factory in Fine Arts (Beijing). When they print the pictures art big, important in the test (do not let time) are classification:

First species: portrait (picture leader)

Especially in hard copy for the right skin color, because it consumes large area on the photo.  In the basic colors of red (lotus M).  Support the red is yellow. So in order husband color Red (M), Yellow (Y), Green (C), Black (K). Red in advance for the same color, yellow color in the can to support bold, light, thick, thin ink, carried off, easy to adjust and correct colors in the face was successful 90% accuracy color.  Green, black in that very little light, heavy on the dark background, the position side, if the wrong people sometimes see little less attention.
60 years, many workers at the factory in offset in offset Progress of Hanoi often talk to each other is very afraid leader in image. Mass because people know very clearly about the color as well as features on the leader, so if you just go in a moment khaoc they realized immediately. The last known print portraits, photographs leader is difficult to know but

Type Monday: Photo landscape.

Often sky clouds, plants, rivers, mountains. If color printing Cyan (blue duon g) first, to keep the correct ink cloud of heaven, when there are basic colors yellow Y and Media in Monday, there will be green (leaves) in the fields and forests arrays are easy increase or decrease color for nearly form.
Therefore in order husband Color ink landscape CYAN, YELLOW, MAGENTA, DEN.Do, black in the work in the dark fish, color, color land, if a little piece with the wrong color landscape is viewed less easy to detect ignore.
There is also a portrait photo model has just landscape, the workers in need to find out the theme of the area and view sample images and scenes somewhat more attention to processing techniques for images that are vivid in and near more closely.

Type Tuesday: Sony

Sometimes the machine home, house, the statue, in the same, warm color chinaware eel, a worker in machine ... see basic colors or mix up more area of the image to determine color ink when printing, to know the basic color, complementary color, color in contrast to the Monitoring form.
A hull moss green, blue and gold is basically the fresh green, black is the color complementary to green, making green than dark, Dou contrast is most in bright spot, if in excess will fall purple hull is not the same. Therefore, depending on models can in order: green, red, yellow, black or red, yellow, black, blue.
Once in a picture or in the bell, look at the samples have a sense of light to dark blue under black light blue and cranberry. I soi zoom in on the table in an area in the same area at 90% the same tram, two colors separated angle 300, but the husband in the wet so dry in the same blue, light green to create the dark areas of the drum surface or bell, varnish can be added in blue ink to easily more popular than.

A story again as follows:
1982 I have worked with an altar in the United States at In The Enterprise Investment Partners No. 4 (now in No. 7). You also found that workers fairly, the disciples poems often present.  But when seen in many color pictures, you are only in the formula, green, yellow, red, black.

Ti many times to meet and chat, but you modify it less attention, possibly due to habit, he improved. To Tet, when in a magazine cover chicua School Teachers Training College, Long An, the cover image in a girl up to 70-80% in diien area, you then in blue, yellow to finish in the municipality despite the in thick, dark ink to still see where extra gold, lack of red. (Because the yellow eye is difficult to distinguish between saturation to make the most sunlight, or make a new clear glass lens). When in full color, the girl in yellow slots as malaria.

But in not reached, perhaps not in heaven, but by nearly Tet, Now It phỉ switches, time and again that time "subsidy", although they have complained blame but still enough money for enterprises.

Following this, workers have experience in it and gradually change how often or talk to people about technology in and see clearly: If in portraits in one color printer, then hold in the red accurate color on the face. Then in yellow color for supplementary pphu with color, location of the main image are enhanced, if the position was largely broken in, located in beautiful whisker if anyone is not aware.Value of the damaged paintings in all!

Model classifieds on this story, if any colleagues are using four-color printer may be nothing to read. But the "old days" or any other colleagues are currently using a color printer to print pictures with colorful tram, may also pick up a little piece of experience is useful in this article.





Hotline : 0903.635.099
Hotline : 0903.635.099
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