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Design & Printing is a combination of harmony between the materials, structure, layout, images, colors and ideas to create a visual attraction for the purpose of media advertising and marketing strategy of a brand, product or service.

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Method For Screen Printing In Color Separation

This is a technique for workers to pull the silk screen printing photos without using a printing technique that uses sharp as techniques for the tram (so will make the image come alive over) because when used carefully This art form is even 50 or 100 colors, then we only have only four of silk (the offset is a technical difficulty )..... If we use technology in the array of colors, each color a silk version (this technique easier)

screen printing by tram
Open any one image:

Then we move into the CMYK color system.

Go to Image> Mode> CMYK Mode

to transfer images from RGB to CMYK color system

-On the table Channels> Split Channels

to separate the color channels into each individual

We choose an image is separated from the green channel (Cyan).

Choose Image> Mode> Bitmap ... to move into a bitmap image.

Enter 300 pixels / inch in the Output box.

Choose Halftone Screen is used in the Method Use.

Table parameters of Halftone Screen will show up, enter the number in the box Frequency

(note, the larger particles as to tram).

Here I choose the 120, the angle of rotation of the particles is tram,

Shape of the particle is a circle tram (Round).

And this is the result

Save the TIFF format, on paper laser scan that you have a film to pull silk sheets.

- Repeat the operation for the other

Note: The parameters that you must try best

*We are also a different technique to the film screen printing plates for each color, it is the advantages of taking the easy, easy to pull silk, easy to watch ..... framework technical workers without glue or watch khunh 1khuyet high but the point is that each color so if one of the file 10 color 10

Here are 2 ways:

In this way to use Corel doctor after doctor to draw a complete and file (vector file)

The doctor to see how many pictures you painted all colors, where the tui file has 6 color (including black), the doctor select all objects with a color of one group (group)

The doctor create a page within the document that the doctor is doing

Then the doctor choose the color and groups through the second paste, it will paste it in place of the first page .... and so the doctor Left taothem sites and do so until all the colors done

Then in the order you put in the first page to page because it is form,

The order in one tab and then select print prepress REGISTRATION MARKS

Click here for a print it will print the symbols together to seal, so when we watch the frame just watch the sign is correct.

Memory scan in the paper by laser printers.




Hotline : 0903.635.099
Hotline : 0903.635.099
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