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For those enterprises producing products, the problem packaging, labels are an integral part of a finished product. One of the determinants of consumer behavior to customers is not only a brand name and quality of the product but also the aesthetic is reflected in the packaging and labels create a visual attraction of the Customer found among numerous other product on the market.
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Offset Printing Process With Fives Basic Steps

Articles below about offset printing process with five basic steps.

Step 1: Design publishing:

  First, create the need to print on your computer. For example we specified in a A4 size leaflets to advertise your company for a computer, first we must prepare materials related to that ad: the image computer and devices, address , phone number ...., then bring up the computer to process and organize the harmonization and coordination impressed with the thinking and experience of design and based on the customer's desire. .., completed the design of the part to outfilm ...

Step 2: Output Film

Publishing the finished production to outfilm, for leaflets with pictures, film will be broken out into four layers representing the four colors C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow), K (Black).  I mentioned this to a little problem in color in Opset:

Color in Opset in the CMYK color system, we can understand overview that all color can be mixed from these four CMYK colors such red flag is a combination from the color Y (Yellow / yellow) and Color M (Magenta / pink) color Green Or Blue (violet blue) is a combination of two colors C (Cyan / light blue) and M (Magenta / Rose); then also matched samples from three of the four colors above or a combination of all four colors with many different parameters to achieve many different color results.

Output 4 sheet film is transferred to expose the complete zinc

Step 3: Exposure of zinc:

When the film has four sheets, people had to qualify to the plate a zinc (out rather than simply taking pictures of each offer sheet on each sheet of film of zinc in zinc drying machine), here we have the four hands representing four of zinc color C, M, Y, K to step into the print.

Step 4: In Opset:

They will carry the colors in each one, in what color first, the colors do not matter or, depending on the experience of workers in. First, people will choose one of four colors in order to mount to zinc results in lots of machines Opset, in the ink of the people also for your ink, respectively (ie the zinc colors C (Cyan), the person C and is also conducted in ink, lots of fruit will turn over the paper element in beating down the paper in, after all finished in the number, people remove the zinc and hygiene all the old ink, zinc assembly new, for example, the colors are done in both color C (cyan) will now be fitted Zinc Y (Yellow) on, the ink in the ink will Y (yellow), the paper in a form other to continue and again provided By that way the old .... sequentially until all four colors, four models that overlap the prints will last cung.Trong process in the case, with each color, people will try to run around 50 the actual color stability. Total on the process of around 200 test runs. Therefore, when in offset, we have calculated the balance sheet of paper to about 200 in (called offset paper consumption)

Step 5: Join the following in:

Sediment: sediment layer thin film is rolled onto the surface of the leaflets in, the sediment will create a brochure of the fine paper also makes the picture becomes more beautiful.

There are two types of sediment: rolling the ball rolling and fuzzy: fuzzy Officer will make the surface smooth and soft still football officials will necessarily on the ball surface.

Sediment just after a power in, not required, customers can choose whether or not that option.

Crop: Usually when people will put in the paper to (suitable computer format) to print; after completion will be used in cutting machines for cutting finished product.





Hotline : 0903.635.099
Hotline : 0903.635.099
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