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Design & Printing is a combination of harmony between the materials, structure, layout, images, colors and ideas to create a visual attraction for the purpose of media advertising and marketing strategy of a brand, product or service.

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Optimize transmission line ink

Adjust the time available
By the time reverse variation of the lots available ink, ink dots variation of the lot, lot no rub ink cartridge when the voice communication network of pipes and other impacts that the system will change lots of ink cartridge storage by cycle.  Usually difficult to recognize this change but for those in sensitive products will be affected. Typically in the form of articles:

Thick layer of ink is not uniform among regions on the same sheet in.

Change the time available is a solution for this case, move the affected area out of sensitivity in the journal

Structural adjustment
CP2000 adjustments
Round display
Functions available to change the time and amplitude automatically made available on the center console, the CP2000 interface is optional functions of the printer. We must pay more to buy a new function of this automatically. Below describes the structure and how to adjust the time available on the printer does not have the option to change the time available and ready amplitude automatically.
Transmission by the printer will pull out the disk when running back machine. On this disc coupling with a knife hand blow to the lot ready for ink.  Fixed position joints related to the time variation of the dimensional changes lots available ink.  Each ring corresponds to rewind machine in a sheet and corresponding one-dimensional variation on the lot ready ink.
Round display on the disk divided into two parts: the black arrows are (1) and section white arrows (2). Each section is numbered from 0 to 710, and corresponds to a round tua machine
How to adjust:
Structural adjustment
Click the computer until the circle of hand blow (1) to lowest position.
Recorded current values on the next show.
Loosen estate courses (2).
Click to machines - will be moved to the dark side sheet in the tail.
Click your back - will be moved to the dark side in sheets tweezers.
After setting the desired location, the right key buildings (2).
Time available are the white value 0.
Ready to change the time value of 200 parts white.
Dark region moves toward the tail sheet in about 200mm

Correlation between the value of the ring and show the location on the sheet in the dark depends on the characteristics of each product in particular. So when adjusting the time available to monitor specific effects on the sheets are in.



Hotline : 0903.635.099
Hotline : 0903.635.099
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