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What's new in Pitstop Professional 7.0

Improvements in Pitstop Professional 7.0
Global Change dialog
Dialog Action List and PDF Profile
Navigator dialog
Documents reporting the results of implementation.
hese settings display mode and control document (Window / Enfocus View and File Control Panel):

View and File Control dialog
In order to create a work environment fixed during editing PDF documents, View and File Control dialog box allows the user to set the elements to display as well as other factors should be set for a document PDF. Specifically include the following:
Show detailed in documents such as overprint attributes, fonts locally (local font), images with large capacity, grid lines (grid) and functional objects in the street smoking grid (snap to grid), properties throughout the (transparency).
Show elements external documentation: the page frame format, the image features using low resolution to speed up the display, the information note is attached to the document (Annotations).
Managing color in Acrobat: set the color space for RGB, CMYK, Gray.
Establish parameters for document storage, document name.
Combining Action List and PDF Profile:

Enfocus PDF Profile Editor dialog

Previously, the process of checking and editing PDF documents can be performed sequentially in PDF Profile and Action List. For more convenient for users, in version 7.0, Plug-in has been set for one or more Action list into a PDF Profile. PDF Profile when you run this command to edit the Action List will be made before and immediately after the test elements is set in the PDF Profile will perform. Important in this problem is to use two or more Action List, users should note the sort order of the Action List. If the order is not placed correctly will lead to different results.
Theoretically, the combination of PDF Profile and Action list in general an order will reduce the time and tasks performed. But actually for complex documents, checking and editing should be carried out through many operations to avoid errors.
Using Quickruns

Configure dialog Enfocus Quickrun
Quickruns a dialog synthesis of Action List and PDF Profile to be used for checking and editing a certain PDF document. It should be noted that in each Quickrun only contain a maximum of at least one PDF Profile and Action List. Quickrun effect similar to a Hot Folder in the Enfocus Pitstop Server software, contains a series of commands to check and edit. However, only Quickrun made to manipulate the document is opened.
In the printing process, each sample will have different requirements, so users can create individual Quickrun suitable for each publication.
Put a PDF document into a PDF document other:
Ever, placing a PDF document into a PDF document is understood to be the only other place to add some pages of documents to PDF documents are current. In the new version of Pitstop Professional 7.0, the PDF order Place a wide range of applications than the command Document / Insert Pages Acrobat software. Place PDF particular order, apart from adding the page to still be able to replace the objects already in the document with the new object. ormally to achieve high efficiency, users need to make some more action with the command Edit Form object has been placed.

Enfocus Place PDF dialog

Highlights most of the command is the Place PDF page to set the document or object into another PDF document, and can be placed in this supplement or replace the object already exists.
Transfer character subject

Enfocus Inspector dialog

Character is always one of the problems often cause problems for a PDF document.  Previously, the settlement usually change font or other errors returned to software application to convert text to objects. Therefore, to improve efficiency to edit a PDF document, Pitstop Professional 7.0 provides the user has the "Convert text to outline. This is considered an outstanding points of the Plug-in Pitstop Professional 7.0
This command can perform for each character in the dialog Enfocus Inspector or apply to the entire document through Action List dialog box. However, after performing this command, the characters in the document can not edit the font, font size as before.
Improvements in Pitstop Professional 7.0:
In version 7.0, the work of the interface box are huge changes to help the user more convenience while working.

Global Change dialog

Dialog distinguish clearly functions subject to editing and effects. Về chức năng bao gồm các thao tác: bổ sung (Add), Thay đổi trạng thái (Transform), Các vấn đề Chế bản (Prepress). Functions include operations: addition (Add), change status (Transform), Desktop publishing issues (Prepress). Affected subjects divided into groups: color (Color), images (Image), text (Text) and pages (Page).
Two new feature of Global Change dialog box than previous versions are allowed to remove the object or character in the document or additional characters (Add text) to the document.  Practical application of the two functions is the numbered page, change header and footer for documents
Dialog Action List and PDF Profile:
In version 7.0, two dialog PDF Profile and Action List is integrated into the same box.
Dialog Action List and PDF Profile

Interface, Pitstop Enfocus PDF Profile dialog added Action List section to help users make edits and test only in a PDF Profile.
New Action Type dialog has been changed completely by the management of the command group functions and target groups affected. Group functions remain four main groups: Selections, Changes, Checks and Inform the previous version. Separate aspects affected editing is divided into the following groups: color (Color), bitmap images (Image), text (Text), Image features (Line Art), Issues publishing (Prepress ), supplement or delete (Add / Remove), location, size (Position / Size), information about the document (Metadata, Doc, General).

Navigator dialog

Compared with the dialog box on the Navigator is very large changes both in form and content. In version 7.0, Navigator dialog very important role in the process of editing and testing can tra.Cu, Navigator dialog undertake the following tasks:
Report results of inspection, editing (Result)
Recorded objects be modified (Object Browser)
Provides solutions for errors found (Solutions)
Create reports to document the media store (Report).





Hotline : 0903.635.099
Hotline : 0903.635.099
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