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Moisten Alcolor system - operation and preservation

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Hệ thống làm ẩm Alcolor – Alcolor system - operation and preservation
  Moisten Alcolor system - operation and preservation - 2

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The operation of the printer you must check and modify the system batch cultivation humidity correct manufacturer's instructions after every three months.
Heidelberg has three main types as moisture is Ecocolor, and Alcolor Hycolor. In the style made popular on the wet offset printing machines Heidelberg cut sheets in Vietnam is Alcolor.
Map system moistens Alcolor

A lot of the rub (rubber)
Z batch broker (Rilsan)
T coarse (rubber)
D batch quantities (chromium plated ball)
R plot distribution (chromium plated fuzzy, is not removing)
F ink rub lot of (rubber)

The note before making farming plots to adjust humidity:
Installation of pipe in to the.
Adjust all done lots of ink rub.
On CP2000: Disable Vario; The batch medium; Chỉnh color cross-husband returns 0:00 mm.
Apply grease to the bearings, the core hole and the time Transmission gears.
Click your gutters for heart tube towards the part of the paper (delivery).
Notes in the soup when done lots to adjust humidity:
When installing lots and lots of pressure adjustment cultivation, the first to edit raw, then adjust the width crystal blob exposed.
Width spots exposed engine and the two sides should be equally operated.
• Should be used to measure the exact size width spots exposed.
The width value spots exposed by the manufacturer's instructions corresponding to the temperature when the printer operation (immediately after completion in order). If the printer is not operating status, you should adjust the limited cultivation of the value of the width spots exposed. Such as printers Heating during operation, the width will increase the exposure streaks remain within tolerances allowed. For example the value of broad exposure streaks under the guidance of 4 ± 0.5 mm, then you should adjust the value of farming 3.5 mm.

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Measure the width spots exposed
Vario functions - Prevent dust Designed by:
When activated Vario, rub lots of water (A) will return lots of slow distribution (R). As the speed of the length of the lot will rub slower than the speed of the length of the tube. Lot of friction between the surface and rub the dust of the above will take away impressions.
You can disable this feature on or open for each unit in CP2000. (only when the printer stopped permanently)
The surface plot distribution (R) is made to limit shark friction rub with lots of water.
HP need less liquid moistens the open mode Vario.
When activated mode Vario, lots of intermediate system will communicate with lots of ink in the process in production. In the wash mode, will automatically intermediate batch reconnect with lots of ink system.
Note - lots of preserving the rub! Only activated when the mode Vario-level ink and solution to lots of moisture for the rub!

In production
Connection between the system and lots lots of ink to wet:
The system allows moisture Alcolor connected systems and ink batch by batch to batch as moist medium (E), then lots will be exposed to lots of water and rub the rub of the first batch of ink. In the process in production will help to quickly create a supply of emulsion to print. This mode is appropriate when the product in an area of India ink large.  Can activate this mode for each unit in particular.
Automatic Pre-program and Post-Dampening Dampening:
Using automated programs Pre-Dampening will ensure adequate supply of surface membrane in a solution to moisture before pressing print. When the interruption in production (washing, his home ...) Post-Dampening program will automatically control the system to moisture. These programs can be installed and adjusted to match the CP2000 with a category of materials used vary. Adjusted in accordance with these programs allow optimal level of moisture in the beginning of production and the production in his home again.

Operating system moistens Alcolor
Layout adjustments on CP2000
BSurface plot distribution composed as honeycomb, the capillary network layer.
Maintain almost the plot of the distribution (chromium fuzzy):
You must be very careful when sanitary surface lots in order to maintain the distribution of the plot is almost. Before exposure to liquid wash or ink, chromium surface must always be made wet with water or a solution to moisture. If you get a lot of this ink dry, then the water supply is greatly reduced during production in
Capillary network absorbed water on the structure surface lots.Against the penetration of ink.
Case capillary network absorbed ink.
Principles: first the solution to wet, then the ink!
The result is lots more ink is sticking, loss of Hau.
The consequences of loss almost in lots of distribution:
Increased trend of strong chemical emulsion.
Bit tram.
Increase high level.
Striped lot.
• Ink buildup on the rubber sheet.
Do not be in the low alcohol
Sanitation systems moisten Alcolor:
Map a batch cleaning system
•  Coarse quantities of water and lots of non-automatic washing system with batch. So to wipe craft two hours with lots of alcohol and embedded in fresh wash solution containing no fat, contains no corrosive.  Then rinse with clean water.
Always keep the surface moist batch plot this distribution before exposure to liquid or ink wash. If you get lots of ink distribution when surface dry batch will significantly reduce the role communications solution to moisture in the process, the cause adversely affect print quality.
When the stop than 5 minutes, which must not run right down the scrub lots of time with a minimum of 1 minute.
•  When the stop than an hour, have lots of ink wash system, and lots of prints.
With the proper operation and maintenance system moistens Alcolor, hope you operate the machine will perform better than their daily work. Print quality will be improved, the calibration becomes quickly.




Hotline : 0903.635.099
Hotline : 0903.635.099
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