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Promotion gratitude to customers in the Lunar New Year 2010, down 20% for the technical terms in the 1.000.000  VND. In the plastic cup for free to customers. Consulting directly to customers to buy at the store - Hotline 0903.635.099

Form office is an important part in building and strengthening business image to customers because they show relatively complete information about businesses. Types form well-designed office with high quality will feature pictures and prestige of the enterprise, otherwise if not focused in design and printing will lose the attention of visitors found for the enterprise as well as the location of the enterprise market. 

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Print Poster, Ad Paste the Wall

 Posters are often designed and printed in large format and a choice of many advertisers. To achieve best performance on an advertisement poster communication must be designed from the stage all the ideas, select images, words arranged to stage construction. Saokimad help you do all the work on an easy and simple.