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Promotion gratitude to customers in the Lunar New Year 2010, down 20% for the technical terms in the 1.000.000  VND. In the plastic cup for free to customers. Consulting directly to customers to buy at the store - Hotline 0903.635.099

Design & Printing is a combination of harmony between the materials, structure, layout, images, colors and ideas to create a visual attraction for the purpose of media advertising and marketing strategy of a brand, product or service.

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Design, Print Brochure, Folder

Brochure, Folder can be regarded as indispensable in business, manufacturing, or service. To introduce customers to a product, or service is a brochure (sandwiched in a Folder) is extremely necessary for most features, effects, image, ad, address, phone contacts are available in the brochure.Unit is leading the design, designers specialized advertising we can help your company convey the message of its

business to target customers an impressive, professional through the brochure.

Service Design, Print Brochure, Folder Our precious businesses are:
* Consulting a professional.
* Created demo form before signing the contract.
* To be selected for modeling image ads in very large image library.
* To enjoy the policy on pricing and special promotion regimes.
* Delivery.
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